2013-14 Exhibitor of the Year Nominations

Nominations are now open and heartily encouraged, for the Northwest Region's Exhibitor of the Year (aka the Spotlight award)!

CFA current or former judges, CFA current or former board members, and previous recipients (Jo Cornwall, Kendall Smith, Neil Quigley, Tammy Roark, Kathy Durdick, Ann Segrest, Bruce Clark, Peggy Schuetz, Wendy Heidt and Erin Cutchen) are the only people who are ineligible to be nominated for this award.

Nominees must have a minimum of seven years' participation in CFA, must reside in CFA's Northwest Region, and must be in good standing with CFA.

The recipient should be someone who has given outstanding service to CFA in any capacity, and who has been a supportive member of this region.

We'd like information in the following categories - but a person doesn't need to have EVERYTHING on the list to be nominated:

To submit a nomination for Exhibitor of the Year, please fill out the form below. If you have any problems with the form, please contact the webmaster.

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Please fill out information for as many of the following categories as are applicable:
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Thank you very much for your nomination!