About the Grand Gallery

Welcome to the new Grand Champion/Grand Premier Gallery of the regional website! You can view the grand listings sorted both by date, as well as by breed.

We will be listing new grands here each month, starting with the May 2009 awards - text listings will be done automatically, and will be free of charge.

You may also choose to add a photo to your listing, for a $5 fee, payable to the region. Please contact the Regional Treasurer for details on how to pay for your listing - we can accept Paypal, or you can mail a check. Once paid, you may e-mail a high-quality scanned photo to photos@cfanorthwest.org, or contact the webmaster for information on sending your photo via snail mail.

As an example, this is what a photo listing will look like:

GC Tanglebox's Periwinkle of Ristokat
Blue-Cream Persian Female
Reg #3051-1642205
Granded: 4-4-2009
Br: Belinda Ernest
Ow: Kathy Durdick - Tammy Roark
CH, GP Kenipurr's Shiokaze of Kapulo
Mi-Ke Shorthair Japanese Bobtail Spay
Reg #6649-1639046
Granded: 5-9-2009
Br: Kendall Smith - Marianne Clark
Ow: Becky Sine - K Smith - M Clark