Household Pet Scoring for the Northwest Region

February 2009
This information has been provided by Kendall Smith,
HHP scorekeeper for the Northwest Region.

To All Northwest Region HHP Exhibitors and Other Interested Parties:

Are you a new exhibitor to Household Pets? Here's some great information to get you started at your first shows!

CFA itself does not give HHP awards. The HHPs are not registered (not given an identifying number). A few of the 9 regions honor the HHPs, and Region 2 (the Northwest Region) is one of them.

Just over 20 years ago, this region decided to give HHP awards along with the pedigreed cats. At that time, kittens and alters were awarded top 10. Thus it was decided to do top 10 HHPs. Since then the numbers of HHPs shown regularly in our region (discounting shelter and one-time-only exhibits) has decreased. Keeping the top awards at 10 actually means something and gives HHP exhibitors something to work toward.

In 1992, I was asked to score the HHPs. Without identifying numbers, this means hand-scoring of 125 - 200 cats each year. CFA does not keep the show results for HHPs. Some of the clubs do not keep the show results for HHPs. It is up to the exhibitor to submit a copy of the entered HHPs and all the finals for each show to the scorer. Without mentors or experienced exhibitors to pass this on, the specific information is difficult to get out to newer HHP exhibitors.

When I first started scoring, there were no rules in place, and each year the cats were scored in a different manner. I wanted to regulate the scoring so I decided to score the HHPs exactly like the pedigreed cats: a percentage of points based on cats defeated in finals (First - 100%, 2nd - 95%; and so on down to 10th in 5% increments). I handed out a questionnaire asking how many rings to score and whether or not to score shows outside the region. The HHP exhibitors who answered the poll at that time voted for top 70 rings and yes to scoring shows outside our region. Starting with the 2013-14 show season, we will be scoring the top 100 rings, to be consistent with all the other awards categories.

Beginning with the 2005-2006 show season, at the request of the HHP exhibitors and our regional director, I began posting the current scores of the top 15 HHPs on the CFA Northwest list. At the end of each show season, I send a list of the top 10 HHPs and their owners’ names to the regional director and the people involved in the awards banquet.

The Northwest Region also awards the Karin Jackson Memorial Award each season to the highest scoring owner who is new to the HHP top 10. This award is to encourage participation by newer HHP exhibitors who have never received a Regional Award.

You can see photos of our top 10 Household Pets elsewhere on the region's website.

Send a copy of the cats entered and the finals to:

Kendall Smith
P.O. Box 73153
Puyallup, WA 98373

Current Household Pet rankings, through April 25, 2015:

  1. Mitsy Carruthers/Clark 1478.32
  2. Junior Muck 873.30
  3. Tarjae Roseberry/Antijunti 606.30
  4. Sarah Muck 561.75
  5. Tibbs Browne 496.10
  6. Koa Keokea Thompson 494.30
  7. Tanner Browne 402.35
  8. Saphira Pedersen 291.35
  9. Roomba Dunn 184.45
  10. Fiona Roseberry/Antijunti 178.95


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