Legislative Information

In the fight against coercive legislation that threatens to eliminate our hobby, it becomes imperitive for all members of the Cat Fancy to be aware and active in the field of legislation. This page is designed to alert Northwesterners of the ongoing situations we encounter every day. This section is updated from input provided by the CFA Legislation Team and local cat fanciers.

To learn more about how to be effective when talking to public officials and how to present your case in the best possible light, here are some tips on contacting and influencing your legislators.


Current Legislative Topics

To ensure all legislative information is kept current and passed on in a timely manner, the legislative index has been moved to the Exhibitors section of the CFA site. Please bookmark this link. The hot legislative topics and the index of topics are available via the right-hand banner on this page:


For the most current alerts, on local, state, and federal levels, please check this page: