If you have a kitty with FIP, or relatives of kitties with FIP, or a breed line that has been totally FIP Free, UC Davis needs DNA samples from these cats for an important FIP genetics study.

Dr. Niels Pedersen, who is well known as the "Father of Feline Infectious Disease Research" is conducting an extensive study in FIP genetics. He is especially interested in Burmese, Birman, Ragdolls, Bengals and exotics, but by all means not exclusive to those breeds. He is very close to a breakthrough with his extensive FIP research.

PLEASE, if you have a FIP kitty, or a relative of a FIP kitty, or a line of kitties that is known to have NO FIP at all, please take the time to do a quick and simple q-tip swab rub of the inside of their mouth cheek. All breeds are needed and appreciated.

To collect a DNA Swab:
Use double ended cotton swabs. Place swab head against the inside of the cheek and gums, swirl vigorously 8 – 10 times. Use both ends of the cotton swabs. Wave cotton swab in the air and set aside in dry protected place until thoroughly dried. Place inside a paper envelope (no plastic or baggies- they promote humidity and bacteria which ruins the DNA). Document on the outside of the envelope information about your kitty, cat's name, gender, breed, cat's registration if registered, birth/age, date of swab, - everything you know about the cat's origin or lineage.

There is a submission form also, to fill out on the web site that needs to be completed and sent in with your DNA samples - for each cat you send DNA.

Please send your DNA Samples and Submission Forms together in a large envelope to:

Dr. Niels Pedersen:
UC Davis - Center for Companion Animal Health
School of Veterinary Medicine
One Shields Avenue
Davis, CA. 95616-8782