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July 6, 2011:

Report on the 2011 Annual

The high point of this Annual, from a procedural and historical standpoint, was the acceptance of Europe as a full-fledged Region 9 in CFA. The excitement of that moment will not be forgotten. The Fanciers in Europe have worked very hard over many years to achieve this status and I hope you all join me in welcoming them to their new status. Olivier Grin, DVM will be the interim Regional Director and elections will be held for R-9 next year along with all the other regions. As was stated at the meeting, the work is now beginning for Europe to come into line as a region. The current RD’s have all offered to assist in any way we can.

All current DALs running for re-election were re-elected with the vacancy, provided by David Mare, being filled by Annette Wilson. Please welcome Annette and also offer congratulations to David Mare for being elected president of the CFA Foundation.

Proposed Constitutional Amendments: require 2/3 majority to pass

#1- Individual Membership was ruled out of order

#2 and #3 having to do with Regional Assignment both failed

#4 European Region - passed

#5 Regional Financial Reports – passed

#6 Breed Council Vacancies – passed

Proposed Show Rule Resolutions – require a 2/3 majority to pass; less than 50% fails; 50% but less than 2/3 us a favorable recommendation to the BOD

7-10 passed
11 failed
12-13 passed
14-15 failed
16 passed with majority
17-18 failed

Proposed Non-show Rule Resolutions greater than 50% majority gets a favorable recommendation to the BOD and less than 50% fails

19-21 failed

Resolution from the floor (High Sierra Cat Club/Utah Purebred CC) concerning clarification of refunds of show entries passed with favorable recommendation to the BOD.

The Saturday evening social gathering before the banquet was a beautiful cherry-blossom display with our own Kim Everett-Hirsch in her authentic kimono. What a beautiful social event it was and what a wonderful way for Kim to say good-bye to her fellow fanciers as she officially retired from the judging program. Sushi and other varied hor d'ourves . The cherry-blossom theme was a wonderful and beautiful way to merge Japan with the Capital theme and Washington, DC.

Region 7 did a splendid job with their Southern hospitality to make everyone feel welcome. The delegate bags were very high quality and full of lots of goodies. I marveled at the delegates’ book - VERY full of color ads. I will give my copy to the R-2 planning committee as they may get some great ideas for our delegate book for 2013.

The first Star Awards were announced and amazingly did remain “secret”! Ten people were really surprised! The focus of this new award is to recognize people throughout the country that provide on-going high-quality service to CFA on a National level. Since it was a surprise, not all of the recipients were present to receive their awards and received their awards by mail. These 10 people were picked by the awards committee from a long list of nominees provided by members of the Board. The 10 recipients are: Rachel Anger, Beth Cassely, Kathy Durdick, Art Graafmans, Willa Hawk, Donna Isenberg, Mary Kolencik, Rich Mastin, Monte Phillips, and Jodell Raymond. Congratulations to Kathy!

Now that the Annual is over, the National Show is actively being planned. It’s a 2 day 10 ring show and our Region 2 judging representative is Brian Moser. His clerk will be Tammy Roark. Further details will be available as they develop.

The Winn Foundation dinner was a roaring success and was sold out! The topic was “WINNing Against FIP” and 2 nationally recognized “rock stars” doing FIP research were speakers that night. Our very own Dr Neils Pederson (UCDavis) was on the podium and I was very fortunate to get a few minutes with him to thank him for all the research he’s done on FIP. The SOCK FIP (Save Our Kittens and Cats) will be formulating a document on how breeders can help Dr. Pederson with his research. As soon as that information is received we’ll get it on the website. What Dr. Pederson needs is easy and inexpensive and when the particulars are available I would hope that you would consider participating in the process. Thank you to Kathleen Lawton who contacted me about Dr. Pederson’s availability to speak…the rest as they say is history.

All clubs please be aware of the partnership between CFA and Staples for exclusive discounts on printing. Questions? Please contact Ross Ross at 1-888-224-3684, ext 1260 or This partnership may save your club some money so please look into it.

Next year’s Annual is to be held in Boston, MA. The 2013 Annual, as you know, will be held in Vancouver, WA. We still have a ways to go on our fundraising and Pam Moser has put together an outstanding team to plan and execute our Annual. If you’d like offer your help or support please let Pam or me know. (Committee appointments for the Annual) Your continued support is much appreciated.

Thank you again for allowing me to serve as your Regional Director. It’s an exciting time for CFA and I’m pleased to be a part of it!


Ginger Meeker

CFA Regional Director – Region 2


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