CFA Northwest Region - "Baker's Dozen" reward program

The Northwest Region is excited to offer a new program – the “Baker’s Dozen” reward program. To encourage entries in Northwest Region shows, for every 13 entries made, the region will pick up the tab for that 13th entry with a $50 rebate. You may submit a claim form after every 13 entries.


1. The “Baker’s Dozen” recording period will begin retroactively, and will cover the period from January 1, 2017 until December 31, 2017. All claims must be submitted no later than January 15, 2018.

2. After thirteen paid entries (for classes that are handled by judges – i.e., does not apply to Exhibition entries, agility only entries, etc) in Northwest Region shows, the Region will pay you a rebate of $50. Then you can start all over again. This is based strictly on show entries – if you enter and pay for a show, but you are unable to attend, or one of the cats is absent, the cat you entered can still be counted in your totals.

3. All exhibitors, regardless of their home region, who are entered in Northwest Region shows are eligible. This applies to any Northwest region shows put on by Northwest region clubs – but not to special events that may occur put on by other clubs/groups (for example, the International Show in November is being held in the Northwest region, but is being put on by CFA itself, and is not eligible to be counted towards your 13 shows).

4. The Northwest Region treasurer will send the rebate of $50 for the 13th cat entry directly to the claiming exhibitor, once eligibility is confirmed by the Program Chairperson.

5. Cats with multiple owners will only count once and will be based on the exhibitor entering the cat. It is the responsibility of the owners to determine who will receive payment for the 13th entry.

6. Claim forms may be downloaded from the Northwest Region web site and submitted once the 13th entry is paid for and verified. There is also an online version of the claim form you can submit, on the Northwest Region website. You are not limited to how many claims you can submit within the stated time period.

7. Claims for “Baker’s Dozen” must be made by either printing and submitting the claim form via mail to Kathy Durdick, or by filling out the online submission form on the Northwest region website.

Claim form: PDF to print / Online submission form