2013-14 Top Cats in Agility

Best Cat in Agility

CH, AM Forest*Star Aryanna
Smoke Tortie Siberian Spay

Breeder/Owner: Michelle Nelson

Score: 822


2nd Best Cat in Agility

GP, AW Hoofnpaws MS3 Zoom
Brown Patterned & White SH Japanese Bobtail Neuter

Breeder/Owner: Carol Bailey

Score: 805

3rd Best Cat in Agility

AW Nascat All Fired Up of Kotchera
Red Tabby & White Maine Coon Male

Breeder: Donna Hinton
Owner: Wendy Heidt

Score: 792



4th Best Cat in Agility

CH, AW Patriot Madelaine
Brown Spotted Tabby SH American Curl Female

Breeder/Owner: Nancy Kiester

Score: 781

5th Best Cat in Agility

AW Chai
Household Pet Neuter

Owner: Mary Hillman & CAPS

Score: 696



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