2015-16 Top Cats in Agility

Best Cat in Agility

AW Kurisumasu Yama Ittou of Kenipurr
Chocolate Lynx Point & White Longhair Japanese Bobtail Male

Breeder: P-T Huff – Marianne Clark
Owner: Marianne Clark/Kendall Smith

Score: 851


2nd Best Cat in Agility

GC, RW, AW Ocigatos Rocket Science
Black-White Shorthair Manx Male

Breeder: Kathy Gumm-Mark Davis
Owner: Carroll Muck,Kathy Gumm,Mark Davis

Score: 803

3rd Best Cat in Agility

AW Mitsy
Household Pet spay

Owner: M. Clark-Betty Carruthers

Score: 685



4th Best Cat in Agility

GC, GP, AW Hoofnpaws MS3 Zoom
Brown Patterned & White SH Japanese Bobtail neuter

Breeder/Owner: Carol Bailey

Score: 405

5th Best Cat in Agility

Zinfelmax Tinta Amarela
Ruddy Abyssinian Female

Breeder: Mary Eber
Owner: Aniah Fields

Score: 356



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