2017-18 Top Cats in Agility

Best Cat in Agility

GP, RW, AW Etonnant Jon Snow's Ghost
Blue-Eyed White Turkish Angora

Handler: James & Elizabeth Thompson

Score: 1211


2nd Best Cat in Agility

CH, AW SD Chartreux Natalie of Lutece
Chartreux Female

Handler: Orca & Matilda Starbuck

Score: 803

3rd Best Cat in Agility (tie)

CH, AC Forest*Star's Kimo
Golden Tabby Siberian Male

Handler: Michelle Thompson

Score: 407



3rd Best Cat in Agility (tie)

Jobara's John Snow
Blue-Eyed White Devon Rex Male

Handler: Bobbi Irie & Maile Kleider

Score: 407

5th Best Cat in Agility

Traipse Up Into The Sky
Brown Rosette Spotted Tabby Bengal Female

Handler: Teresa Seling

Score: 404



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