2013-14 Top Kittens

Best Kitten

GC, NW Mystic Rose Magic Man of Purrcasso
Black & White Persian Male

Breeder: Lisa Larcom
Owner: Noelle Giddings


2nd Best Kitten

GC, NW Parti Wai My Blue Heaven of Cuzzoe
Blue & White Persian Female

Breeder: Gloria Busselman
Owner: Busselman-Valencia-Pelletier

3rd Best Kitten

GC, NW DotDotDot Reflections of Wild Rain
Chocolate Spotted Ocicat Male

Breeder: R-N. Brown-D-C. Freels, Lessee
Owner: D-C. Freels-R-N. Brown



4th Best Kitten

GC, NW Castilleja Lite Brite of Jobara
Brown Patched Tabby & White Devon Rex Female

Breeder: Donna C. Peck & Barbara Irie
Owner: Barbara Irie & Jade Kleider

5th Best Kitten

GC, NW Kiomichi's Outrageous Fortune
Brown Patched McTabby & White SH Manx Female

Breeder: Mark Davis & Michael Henson
Owner: Kathy Gumm & Mark Davis



6th Best Kitten

GC, RW D'Eden Lover Parti 4U of PinUpCats
Calico Sphynx Female

Breeder: Gaspard Frederic
Owner: Cyndee Gause & Jovanna Edge

7th Best Kitten

GC, RW Kiomichi's Van Gogh of Ocigatos
Red Tabby & White SH Manx Male

Breeder: Mark Davis
Owner: Kathy Gumm & Mark Davis



8th Best Kitten

GC, RW Calumet Cats Aragon of Wild Rain
Chocolate Spotted Ocicat Male

Breeder: Fran Volkman
Owner: David & Carol Freels

9th Best Kitten

RW Skinzin Sassy Pants of PinUpCats
Black & White Sphynx Female

Breeder: J. W. Gunby
Owner: J-C. Gunby-Monyek-Gause-Edge J.



10th Best Kitten

NC CH, RW Timberpaws Champagne Cognac
Cream Spotted Tabby & White SH Scottish Fold Female

Breeder: S. Weitendorf & P. Vinson
Owner: Sue Weitendorf

11th Best Kitten

GC, RW RK Gems Tristan Onyx
Silver Tabby & White American Shorthair Male

Breeder: Kay-Randy Bertrand, Lessee
Owner: Randy & Kay Bertrand



12th Best Kitten

GC, RW Jobara's Kabuki
Black & White Devon Rex Male

Breeder/Owner: Barbara Irie & Jade Kleider

13th Best Kitten

GC, RW Phyxius Chanel Les Noirs
Black Persian Female

Breeder/Owner: Sheryl Powers & David Granados



14th Best Kitten

GP, RW San-Toi I-Toons
Chocolate Point Siamese Neuter

Breeder: D. Johnson-C. Roberts-L. Carlson
Owner: David & Carol Freels

15th Best Kitten

CH, RW Whiteout Constantine
Copper-Eyed White Persian Male

Breeder/Owner: Dina Lyons



16th Best Kitten

GC, RW Luvely Juke Box Hero
Shaded Cameo Persian Male

Breeder/Owner: Tashia Lyons

17th Best Kitten

GC, RW Tropikoons Vogt Stephen of Averill
Brown Tabby & White Maine Coon Male

Breeder: Stephanie Boulter
Owner: Julie Averill-Martin



18th Best Kitten

RW Timberbend Kiefer of Kotchera
Brown Tabby Siberian Male

Breeder: Kimberly McDaniel
Owner: Wendy Heidt

19th Best Kitten

GC, RW Cinema's Dreamer
Copper-Eyed White Persian Male

Breeder: B. Mayes-D. Adler, Lessee
Owner: Blake Mayes & Dennis Adler



20th Best Kitten

GC, RW Slava Magnolia of Kotchera
Golden McTabby & White Siberian Female

Breeder: Sherrie Phelps
Owner: Wendy Heidt

21st Best Kitten

CH, RW Kelloggs Classic Rock
Silver Tabby American Shorthair Male

Breeder/Owner: Heinrich & Carly Kellogg



22nd Best Kitten

CH, RW Faerietail Einon
Copper-Eyed White SH Manx Male

Breeder: Phyllis Durdy & Trisha Durdy
Owner: Phyllis Paull & Shari Millar

23rd Best Kitten

GC, RW Persipals Crimson Casanova
Red Tabby Persian Male

Breeder: Lena Karachun & Dennis Bradshaw
Owner: L. Karachun-M. Ellis-D. Bradshaw



24th Best Kitten

GC, RW Tufftons Bombshell
Silver Tabby & White Persian Female

Breeder: Sherry Kern & Heidi Murphy
Owner: Heidi Murphy & Sherry Kern

25th Best Kitten

GC, RW Genasaqua's Harlem Shake
Black & White Persian Male

Breeder: Lisa Monical
Owner: Lisa Monical & Diane Fitzpatrick



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