Veteran Scoring for the Northwest Region

October 2009
This information has been provided by Linda Osburn,
Veterans scorekeeper for the Northwest Region.

To All Northwest Region Veteran Exhibitors and Other Interested Parties:

The Veteran's class is for pedigreed cats who are 7 years of age or older, on the date of the show. Cats may be intact, or altered, already titled or not.

CFA itself does not give Veterans awards, but a few of the 9 regions do honor the Veterans, including our region.

CFA does not keep the show results for Veterans, and some of the clubs do not keep the show results for Veterans. It is up to the exhibitor to submit a copy of the entered Veterans and all the finals for each show to the scorer. Without mentors or experienced exhibitors to pass this on, the specific information is difficult to get out to newer Veteran exhibitors.

Scoring for the Veterans is based on a percentage of points based on cats defeated in finals (First - 100%, 2nd - 95%; and so on down to 10th in 5% increments), with the top 100 rings counting. The current ranking, as well as scores for individual shows, will be posted here on the site.

Starting with the 5/1/2011 show season, the following guidelines will be in place regarding year-end awards for the Veteran class:

  1. There will be from zero to ten awards given out each season, with ten being the maximum.
  2. The minimum point total to earn an award is 50 points. If no cats reach the 50 point minimum, then no year-end awards will be given. If more than 10 cats earn 50 points, then the 10 highest scoring cats will receive year-end awards.
  3. The award is to be called the "Veteran Recognition Award".

You can see photos of our top Veterans winners in the "Award Winning Cats" section of the regional website.

Send a copy of the cats entered and the finals to:

Linda Osburn

Final Veterans ranking, for the 2014-2015 show season:

  1. GC, GP, RW Earlywinters Midnight Cowboy Black Persian 242.30 (83)
  2. GC, GP, NW Arrow's James Byron Dean Blue Tabby Exotic 232.25 (78)
  3. GP, NW CasaDecano's Black Orpheus Ebony Oriental Shorthair 230.50 (78)
  4. CH Lee-Roi's Oddly Enough of Arrow Odd-Eyed White Exotic 169.00 (57)
  5. GP, RW Luin's Sigismond Took Lilac Point Siamese 67.60 (32)
  6. GC, RW Kam-Lu's Uptown Girl Tortie Point Himalayan 60.20 (16)
  7. GC Kuorii Kerubino of Arrow Red McTabby & White Exotic 56.05 (24)
  8. GC, GP Latin Lover Pink Martini of Arrow Blue/White Exotic 50.30 (24)
  9. CH Averill's Janis Joplin Brown McTabby Maine Coon 38.55 (18)
  10. GP, RW Hoofnpaws Kurbi Blue/White Japanese Bobtail 32.10 (21)
  11. CH, GP Mia Ching's Rainy Day Dreams Blue Lynx Point Balinese 31.10 (22)
  12. GC, GPD, RW Ashlin Zots Seattle Jack Blue Silver Tabby Exotic 22.00 (6)
  13. GP Kurisumasu Yudachi of Hoofnpaws Black & White SH Japanese Bobtail 21.00 (6)
  14. CH, GP Tynwald's Abigale of Znotailz Black & White SH Manx 16.80 (5)
  15. CH Kat Attack Flashs-Of-Jade And Topaz Chestnut Spotted Tabby Oriental 16.50 (6)
  15. GC Hoofnpaws Kumo Ashi Mi-Ke SH Japanese Bobtail 15.30 (8)
  16. GC Royal Road Tiger Lily of KCDancers, DM Silver Tabby American Shorthair 15.00 (4)
  17. CH, GP, RW Castlkatz Xanadu Skye of Starbeam Blue British Shorthair 10.00 (10)

Scoreboard for 2014-15 season shows:


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