2010-11 Top Cats in Agility

Best Cat in Agility

Blue & White Household Pet Neuter

Owner: Ron & Carroll Muck
Score: 658


2nd Best Cat in Agility

CH Gloria Victoria Silver
Cameo Spotted Tabby Siberian Female

Breeder:Ewwlina Poiolek-Pokutycka
Owner: Michelle Nelson
Score: 466

3rd Best Cat in Agility

CH Azshara Solstice
Smoke Egyptian Mau Male

Breeder/Owner: Kelly Johnson
Score: 346



4th Best Cat in Agility

Transsiberie Dorothy
Brown Patched Tabby & White Siberian Female

Breeder/Owner: Jay Collins
Score: 328

5th Best Cat in Agility

CH Tribal Copper Mountain of Daytown
Cinnamon Spotted Ocicat Male

Breeder: Lynn Boelter - Neil Quigley
Owner: Jane Dayton - Mary Fran Marron
Score: 272



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