2005-06 Top Kittens

Best Kitten

GC, NW Tinbats Over Exposure of Esente
Red Abyssinian Male

Breeder: Lynn & Reg Martin
Owner: Sue Ruminski & Lynn Martin


2nd Best Kitten

GC, NW Stedam And Justice For All of Bovon
Silver Tabby American Shorthair Male

Breeder: Dawn & Michael Skupin
Owner: Y Griffin - D-C Shannon - D Skupin

3rd Best Kitten

GC, NW Kingofhearts Royalqueen of Kelloggs
Silver Tabby American Shorthair Female

Breeder: Ann Marie Walters
Owner: Heinrich & Carly Kellogg



4th Best Kitten

GC, RW Parti Wai Dippin Dots
Calico Persian Female

Breeder/Owner: Gloria Busselman

5th Best Kitten

GC, RW Quails Nest Kiss Inthedark of Boska
Black Smoke Cornish Rex Female

Breeder: William & Barbara Morrow
Owner: Barbara Morrow & Lisa Kuta



6th Best Kitten

CH, RW Stedam's Lucky 13 of Yankee Star
Brown Tabby American Shorthair Male

Breeder: Dawn Skupin
Owner: D-C Shannon - D Skupin

7th Best Kitten

GC, RW KCDancers Silver Cloud
Silver Tabby & White American Shorthair Male

Breeder/Owner: Craig & Kathy Miller



8th Best Kitten

RW Ocigatos Sonoma Rustica
Chocolate Spotted Ocicat Male

Breeder: Kathy Gumm & Sue Riley
Owner: Kathy Gumm

9th Best Kitten

CH, RW Kenkat Call 2 The Bullpen of Mekele
Blue Persian Male

Breeder: Leah Fowler
Owner: Richard & Bethanne Coleman



10th Best Kitten

GC, RW Pendragon Sophia
Platinum Mink Tonkinese Female

Breeder: Laurie Holmes & Wm Ohman
Owner: Laurie & Lisa Holmes - Wm Ohman

11th Best Kitten

GC, RW Poseycoon Highland Heather
Brown Patched Tabby & White
Maine Coon Female

Breeder/Owner: Janice Schafer



12th Best Kitten

GC, RW Kurisumasu Ko-Kenju of Katsuma
Red & White Longhair Japanese Bobtail Male

Breeder/Owner: Marianne Clark & Susan Eckert

13th Best Kitten

GC, RW Stedam Silver Bullet of Yankee Star
Silver Tabby American Shorthair Male

Breeder: Dawn Skupin
Owner: D Skupin - C & R Shannon



14th Best Kitten

GC, RW Lazy O Abys Im Truly Classy
Red Abyssinian Female

Breeder/Owner: Jean Olson

15th Best Kitten

CH, RW Jerba Nicol's X-tacy of Mockingbird
Blue Patched Tabby & White Exotic Female

Breeder: Karin Broeders
Owner: Lee Harper / Karin Broeders



16th Best Kitten

GP, NW CasaDecano's Black Orpheus
Ebony Oriental Shorthair Neuter

Breeder: Pat Decano
Owner: Loren & Elizabeth Butler

17th Best Kitten

CH, RW Ultamint's Sincerely
Shaded Silver Persian Female

Breeder/Owner: Tammy Mendez



18th Best Kitten

GC, RW Tsar Blu's Tsarlight Express
Russian Blue Male

Breeder/Owner: Donna J. Fuller

19th Best Kitten

GC, RW Lark Hill Grand Slam
Cream Persian Male

Breeder/Owner: Susan Fillis



20th Best Kitten

GP, RW Tribal Sneak Attack of Heru
Chocolate Spotted Ocicat Neuter

Breeder: L-D Boelter - N Quigley
Owner: Boelter - Quigley - Hoffman

21st Best Kitten

CH, RW Revillion Lily of Jennycats
Copper-Eyed White Persian Female

Breeder: J. Martin & Peter Rogers
Owner: Jenny Garrett



22nd Best Kitten

RW Jaquoi's Star Quality
Tortoiseshell Persian Female

Breeder: Bert Christensen & Bob Groppi
Owner: Bert Christensen & Dora Russell

23rd Best Kitten

GC, RW Kiddlyn's Deja-Blu
Blue & White Shorthair Japanese Bobtail Male

Breeder: Donaldson-Thornily-Knopp
Owner: Linda Donaldson



24th Best Kitten

RW Deekay Miss Thang!
Brown Patched Tabby & White
Shorthair Scottish Fold Female

Breeder/Owner: Debi & Dick Kallmeyer

25th Best Kitten

CH, RW Pamspersians Magic
Black & White Persian Male

Breeder/Owner: Pam Healey & Debra Kallmeyer



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